Aged Care Workforce Benchmarking

The Aged Care Workforce Benchmarking Survey has been conducted to support workforce planning and marketing for individual age services organisations, and will provide meaningful data for workforce advocacy, policy development and strategies to drive a sustainable future for the age services industry.

The Aged Care Workforce Benchmarking Report – the first of a biannual benchmarking series – will be released in May 2021. The Report will include analyses by residential and home care settings, by location and by organisation size to:

  • Provide insights into current and emerging workforce issues
  • Provide a benchmark for monitoring and managing impactful change
  • Help highlight industry performance, expectations and strengths
  • Help evaluate opportunities for improvement
  • Support the industry to access better quality industry data

The Report will be provided to the Australian Government and the dataset will become a vital tool for LASA’s advocacy efforts to deliver a workforce strategy for the future, and call for more investment in aged care personnel.

Benchmarking for individual organisations

The Report will not be published but is available for purchase by aged care providers that register. Participants who register to receive a copy of the Report can also opt to receive an Individual Report with specific metrics related to their organisation, which will provide key insights into workforce performance and compare them against industry benchmarks. These Reports will be an essential tool for internal operations and reporting, workforce planning, marketing and strategic planning.

Why is it necessary?

Our industry needs a strong workforce strategy that will sustain anticipated growth, enable sector reform and support changing consumer expectations.

Workforce issues and challenges consistently rate as one of the top three macro areas of concern for aged care providers. Issues such as rostering, sick leave, training, pay rates, turnover rates and fostering leadership impact day-to-day operations and the quality of care provided.

While the Aged Care Royal Commission enquired into workforce issues, it did not seek to obtain hard data and noted the absence of this. In A Matter of Care: Australia’s Aged Care Workforce Strategy released in 2018, there is repeated reference to the absence of and the need for workforce benchmarking information.

Having a meaningful set of data is essential for highlighting the status of the aged care workforce and the challenges that face the industry, and will inform LASA’s advocacy efforts on behalf of all age services providers.

Why now?

We are living through a fundamental once-in-a-generation transformation in age services. With the Aged Care Royal Commission handing down its findings and a raised awareness of the importance of aged care as a result of COVID-19, there has never been a better time to advocate for a better deal for the age services industry – to support our providers, our workforce, our older people, and the evolution of aged care in Australia.

How do I find out more?

If you would like further information, please email or download the flyer. 

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