LASA Aged Care Training Institute – Student Information


The general information contained within this booklet has been summarised from LASA Aged Care Training Institute’s Policies and Procedures. To download a copy of the handbook click here.

Financial Fact Sheet

Student Personal Detail Form

Feedback and Complaints Form

Nationally Recognised TrainingRTO No 2863


Student Support

Our student support service is available to help you achieve your study goals and enjoy your experience at LASA Aged Care Training Institute. This service is free and confidential. For further information click here.



Unique Student Identifier (USI) Information

Creating a Unique Student Identifier (USI) only takes a few minutes and it is free. After you create your USI, you can give it to your training provider when you enrol. A range of resources have been developed to assist students with the USI process and the USI Transcript Service. You can view student support materials here and watch the videos below to find out more.

Video – How to create your USI

Video – USI student information

Students can also grant LASA Aged Care Training Institute permission to view their USI transcript online. To find out how to grant access to your USI transcript, please visit the USI Website for Students, download the USI Student Quick Guide and watch the video below.

Video – How to give permission to my training organisation to view my USI transcript