Evidenced Based Education Achieving Person Centred Practice

The Virtual Dementia Tour™ is assisting people to better understand, engage and respond empathetically toward people living with dementia. The aim of the VDT™ is to increase awareness of and responsiveness to dementia, to improve the health and well-being of our ageing population.

The VDT™ is Australia’s only evidenced based experiential learning tool that has demonstrated experience in responding to the existing and emerging trends of dementia. It is through this firsthand experience, that knowledge and compassion meet and changes in practice occur.


Time Efficient

The experience takes just 15 minutes to complete for each staff member, followed by a vital 30 minute group debrief session to fully achieve learning outcomes. Meaning that your staff are only off the floor for a total of 45 minutes, but the impact of the experience will last a life time.

Creating Shared Value

  • Strengthens organisation profiles and competitive advantage through collaborative partnerships.
  • Responding to the existing and emerging trends of dementia awareness, leading to improved dementia care across industry.
  • At the forefront in driving social change and improving outcomes for people living with dementia.

 100% Mobile

The VDT™ is completely mobile. Your staff can be trained on location, so they’ll experience ‘life with dementia’ in the same environment where they provide care to people living with dementia. Making the VDT™ a truly authentic experience.

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