Residential Aged Care Visitation Assistant Program

The Residential Aged Care Visitation Assistant (RACVA) role promotes the health and well-being of residents by direct assistance to the residents and their families enabling communication.

RACVAs can help with safe in person visits by family members as well as using technology supported communication where it may be needed. RACVAs can also assist residents with activities of daily living that are not intimate, specialised or health related.

Already implemented in Victoria, the RACVA role promoted by the Victorian Aged Care Response Centre is based on the Aged Care Assistant role established earlier this year by LASA, Altura and DASH Group to provide additional staff to support aged care professionals.

The RACVA role requires enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection control training, completion of the Altura Aged Care Assistant training course, confidence in the use of communications technology to assist residents, a police check and mandatory influenza vaccination.

Key duties include:

  • Working with residents to facilitate safe communication with families and friends
  • Working with the facility to identify types of communication modes that are safe to use, keeping in mind requirements for a COVID-19 safe environment
  • Where needed, helping to schedule in-person visiting with families and residents
  • Supporting visiting in a manner consistent with infection prevention and control guidelines, including provisions relating to the use of designated areas for visits and the use of social distancing practices
  • Enabling visits outside the service, for example having visits in a garden or other open space where physical distancing cannot be maintained
  • Assisting family members to understand and comply with infection prevention, such as hand washing and PPE requirements
  • Using technology-based alternative communication arrangements, such as iPads
  • Assisting residents to participate in online social gatherings

Recruitment, screening and placement will be conducted by DASH Group with suitability criteria including personality and aptitude testing, police check, influenza vaccination, and confident use of communications technology.

Altura Learning has developed a comprehensive online training package that will take approximately 8-10 hours to complete. This package aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Preparedness for Working in Aged Care
  • Role Preparedness

Each training session is individually assessed to ensure the learner can demonstrate appropriate knowledge.