Making CDC real in residential care. The outcome of 3 years of research and implementing CDC into residential care
Mark Sheldon-Stemm, Principal & Director, Research Analytics

Getting it right – Quality and Safety in action
Fiona Hearn, Executive General Manager Care Innovation And Quality, Bolton Clarke

Consumer Wellbeing and how to incorporate it in to your planning – The 10K Project
Jessie Williams, Executive Director, & Jasmine Lance, Compassionate Communities Ageling Lead Groundswell

Complaints are Golden Nuggets
Damien Edmonds, General Manager, Edmonds Marketing

Operating in a crisis environment – your people are your secret weapon
Chris Westacott, Managing Director, Realise Performance

CCTV – Whose Choice is it? The Legal & Ethical Issues
Jessica Kinny, Principal, Kinny Legal

Antimicrobial Stewardship
Stuart Donohoe, Manager Clinical,  Safety & Quality, Bolton Clarke

Designing for Wellbeing
Colin McDonnell, Village Manager, The Village by Scalabrini

Choice and the Consumer – Open Conversation
Troy Speirs, Principal Advisor Home Care & Tracey Duke, Principal Consultant Residential Aged Care, LASA

A clean, well lit place: Designing Residential Environments to meet the Quality Framework 
Nick Seemann, Director, Constructive Dialogue Architects 

Palliative Care – Managing End of Life
Josh Cohen, Palliative Aged Care Network


Reducing Restraint Usage to Achieve Dignity for Consumers
Dr Rodney Jilek, Managing Director, Aged Care Consulting & Advisory Services Australasia

Building our Tribes: Keeping all of us engaged
Samantha Bowen, Principal Advisor Next Gen, LASA

LASA Quality Manual
Jane Floyd, Principal Consultant Leading Age Care Services and Walter Tran, Solutions Manager, Centro Assist