What comes to mind when thinking about aged care careers?

For a lot of us, we see nurses and carers – it’s certainly what the public sees of the careers options.

In reality, it is a conglomerate of people, professions, services, and industries formed as a team to contribute to successful outcomes for older adults – think Nursing, Allied Health, Doctors, Carers, Home Support Workers, Mentors, Volunteers, Consultants, IT/Robotics, Administrative Staff, Finance, Accounting, Cleaners, Cooks/Chefs, Gardeners, Maintenance Workers, Trades People, Architects, Interior Designers, Liaison Officers, Marketers, the list goes on.

I remember coming to a crossroads in my life where I knew I wanted to make a difference to many people and have the biggest impact possible. After working in various industries, I identified that I was consistently pulled back into the Human Services industry and more particular age services.

It got me thinking maybe this was the place I should be?
What if this was where I could make a difference to many?

Never imagining where I could go in Age services, today I hold a senior national role assisting organisations across the country from inner city urban to extremely remote areas to reach the highest standards of service and care. I love the company I work for, the people I work with and furthermore I am developing an International aspect to my role. I could never have imagined I’d have this sort of opportunity.

I admit, it is no secret that age services is considered a “tough” industry to work in. It can be a physically, mentally, and emotionally draining career choice. However, there is a bright side as well.

The age services industry is one of the most rewarding career choices a person can make. Imagine playing an important role in maintaining and restoring the wellbeing of older people through your learned skill and professional discipline, or visiting an older adult(s) who looks forward to going out and having coffee with you to talk about their past or what they look forward to the most. Imagine creating a lifestyle program filled with joy, laughter and fun that can make a difference to a consumer’s life in their home, or maintaining the gardens or maintenance of a retirement village where people are proud to live and have a community they call home.

Age services is also not just a place such as a residential care facility, community centres and services, or retirement villages, it is making a difference to multiple people every day, enabling them to live their best life, continuing to create memories that can remain for a lifetime.

I encourage anyone who wants to make a difference to investigate your career options within the Age services industry.

Jade Hand is the National Project Manager at Standards Wise Australia