Our LASA Next Gen Ambassadors are incredibly passionate about the age services industry; from our front-line staff to those in our business teams, and those in hospitality; they love being part of our age services sector and supporting our workplaces through this period of unprecedented growth and change and into the future. Our Ambassadors are helping LASA Next Gen to promote the changing face of aged care and highlight how our industry is dynamic, innovative and life-changing.


But, who are they?


Meet Xanthe Emett, Occupational Therapist for Aegis Aged Care and a LASA Next Gen Ambassador. Learn a bit more about her and how her role as an occupational therapist supports her organisation to thrive.


Tell us a bit about yourself

I’ve been working in residential aged care since 2015. To be honest, when I started studying Occupational Therapy at uni I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into and I definitely didn’t know where I wanted to go with it. All I knew is that if I had to grow up, become an adult and go to work, I wanted to work somewhere where I could make a positive difference and impact to people’s lives. Since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to help people. Early on in my studies I was lucky enough to stumble upon my passion for working with the elderly – I had a number of placements in aged care and they were always my favourite!


What is your favourite thing about working in aged care or what is your favourite memory?

My favourite thing about working in aged care is the relationships you are able to develop with residents. They have so much life experience and knowledge to share, and I just love listening to their stories and how these have shaped their perspectives and attitudes. I have learnt so much from residents I have been fortunate enough to get to know, and can honestly say my residents have helped shape me as a person. They have helped me to view life challenges with balance and appreciate the little things in life. Plus lots of practical advice and camping tips!

It’s hard to pick just one favourite memory. One time period that will always stand out for me is during Perth’s first big lockdown due to COVID-19. We were unable to have any resident’s family/visitors or external entertainment in the facility. So the team banded together and we became the entertainers – we put on so many concerts, including daily lunch time shows in all 6 dining rooms! Everyone got involved. Never in a million years would I imagine dressing up, singing and dancing in front of a crowd of people but here we were. The laughter and joy on the resident’s faces is unforgettable! It was a great feeling to have everyone working together to help the residents feel happy, safe and engaged in such an uncertain and isolating time.


What are your proudest achievements in the aged services industry so far?

I’m proud of becoming a NextGen ambassador! I’m proud of a lot of little wins, such as advocating for resident’s to take risks in their life that promote their independence. For example, enabling a man living with vision impairment to use the staff laundry facilities to iron clothes for himself and his wife.


What do you wish other people knew about aged care?

I wish everyone knew how fun and rewarding aged care can be! As an OT, there are so many different gadgets and types of equipment to work with to help people improve their independence or their health & well-being. You get to work with people from a range of backgrounds and abilities. It’s so special to work in a team of likeminded, caring people. There is now more focus on the resident’s preferences and choices, and making sure that we remember that we are working in their home – not the other way around. It’s really a privilege to be there during this time in a person’s life. There is no age limit on friendships!


Xanthe is a LASA Next Gen Ambassador Council and Occupational Therapist for Aegis Aged Care. Read more about our Ambassadors here.