Our LASA Next Gen Ambassadors are incredibly passionate about the age services industry; from our front-line staff to those in our business teams, and those in hospitality; they love being part of our age services sector and supporting our workplaces through this period of unprecedented growth and change and into the future. Our Ambassadors are helping LASA Next Gen to promote the changing face of aged care and highlight how our industry is dynamic, innovative and life-changing.

Meet Sarah Brabon, Care Manager at Aveo Group and a LASA Next Gen Ambassador.


Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Sarah and I am currently working as a Care Manager in aged care. I’ve worked in quite a few roles in aged care – Personal Carer, RN, Clinical Nurse, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Care Manager and Residential Service Manager. I never thought I would be working in aged care, but it’s the type of work that captures your heart and builds a fiery passion about bettering the lives of the people you care for in any and every way you can.


What is your favourite thing about working in aged care or what is your favourite memory?

My favourite thing about working in aged care always changes, but right now, it’s the people I am working with.

I have developed a love for educating and empowering other people I am working with to truly dig deep and work on developing themselves to be able to work effectively with, and for others. Whether this be skill development, debriefing and reflective practice or further education.

I think I’ve been through (as we all have) quite a tumultuous journey in the last 24 months in aged care and the key message I have learnt has been to take care of yourself so you can take care of others. You cannot pour from an empty cup. I am excited to be able to help coach others through the changes the sector is facing, to be able to develop the people that work in aged care and showcase the good that we do in this specialty area.


What are your proudest achievements in the aged services industry so far?

So far, my proudest achievement has been to coach several new graduates through their first year in aged care and see them develop and become truly amazing nurses. I love seeing the change in people’s perception of aged care when you show them what they can achieve and you see the true passion for the elderly shine through.

The majority of moments that make me proud are around empowerment of others and relationships with my residents. I love being able to make a difference through education and mentorship and building meaningful relationships that allow me to connect with them in a way that I know will make a difference to how they learn and develop.


What do you wish other people knew about aged care?

I wish other people recognised aged care as a specialty and it does take specialist skill to work here – it is definitely not “a place to retire”. I wish others could see how hard people work in their roles to do everything they can for every resident in their care.

I really wish people would understand that burnout is real in aged care, and I especially think this is overlooked in managers – it’s true for managers too!  I don’t think people understand just how much work goes into working in aged care, regardless of the role you hold.

There has been so much negative media that there always seems to be a dark cloud over aged care that you can’t seem to get away from. I wish people would understand how much love there is in aged care facilities, so much laughter and happiness and the people that work there have enormous hearts, brilliant minds and a genuine passion to be there.


Sarah is a LASA Next Gen Ambassador and Care Manager at Aveo Group. Read more about our Ambassadors here.