Our LASA Next Gen Ambassadors are incredibly passionate about the age services industry; from our front-line staff to those in our business teams, and those in hospitality; they love being part of our age services sector and supporting our workplaces through this period of unprecedented growth and change and into the future. Our Ambassadors are helping LASA Next Gen to promote the changing face of aged care and highlight how our industry is dynamic, innovative and life-changing.

Meet Elise Sinclair, Community Manager – Health, Aged Care & Community Services at Novigi and a LASA Next Gen Ambassador.


Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi! I work as a Community Manager, helping organisations digitally transform their business to streamline operations and improve quality of care for their clients.

At work, I enjoy fostering partnerships built on passion for innovation and driving positive change in the aged care industry.

Out of work – I love to bushwalk, learn new things about interesting history topics and read books (when there’s time)!


What is your favourite thing about working in aged care or what is your favourite memory?

My favourite thing I’ve found about being able to contribute to the aged care sector is that the changes you’re working towards will culminate in positive, important outcomes – improved quality of care for our loved ones and making daily operations easier on the invaluable workforce who care for them.


What are your proudest achievements in the aged services industry so far?

I haven’t been in the sector for very long, but any day that I see that our organisation has encouraged an aged care or community services provider to innovate is a great one! I’m looking forward to contributing to more important discussions in to the future!


What do you wish other people knew about aged care?

I hope that people come to see the huge amount of exciting opportunity that exists in the aged care space at the moment! The industry is going through a significant revolution, and there is great opportunity to be a part of that and shape what quality care looks like for generations to come.


Elise is a LASA Next Gen Ambassador Council and Community Manager at Novigi. Read more about our Ambassadors here.