Our LASA Next Gen Ambassadors are incredibly passionate about the age services industry; from our front-line staff to those in our business teams, and those in hospitality; they love being part of our age services sector and supporting our workplaces through this period of unprecedented growth and change and into the future. Our Ambassadors are helping LASA Next Gen to promote the changing face of aged care and highlight how our industry is dynamic, innovative and life-changing.


But, who are they?


Meet Cynthia Mkutchwa, FPA & Business Partner (CS) for Fronditha Care and a LASA Next Gen Ambassador. Learn a bit more about her and how her role in financial services supports her organisation to thrive.


Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Cynthia Mkutchwa; a Finance Business Partner, lover of nature, running, yoga, reading and experiencing life with my family.

I got into Aged Care by accident; not one for coincidences, I believe this is the path I was supposed to take. A memory comes to mind of a telephone conversation with my younger sister where I “yearned” to work in a purpose driven, profit for purpose organisation.

As a finance professional I had no idea what that looked like at the time- I was soon to find out less than 18 months later, when the road led to Fronditha, which means “bounty of care”.


What is your favourite thing about working in aged care or what is your favourite memory?

I am privileged to work with heart centred change-makers, who ‘walk their talk’ of “bringing joy, doing right, and inspiring better” with a profound respect for each other and those we serve.

A memory also comes to mind from the time I toured our Residential Aged Care facilities a few months into my new role. I had fond memories of home when I arrived at our St Albans facility, which told a different, yet heart-warming story of love.



What are your proudest achievements in the aged services industry so far?

My journey in aged care has been a story of courage; the courage to move from the “comfort to power” zone. I am proud of my achievements as a leader and growth as a professional.

I celebrate each day and have learnt to live for and make the most of each moment and experience as it comes.

Aged Care opened the door for a turning point in my career which has allowed me to fully express myself, learn, grow, and live.

As a business partner I have celebrated achievements along the way; to this day, knowing the support I provide my stakeholders produces an intended outcome is truly a rewarding experience.


What do you wish other people knew about aged care?

There is more to age services than meets the eye. I used to think I need to change careers to be of service; now I have such a profound appreciation of my profession looking at it from the lens of this industry.

Working in aged care is a true expression of gratitude for those who have gone before and paved the way for us. Each resident and client has a story to tell, they have made sacrifices and contributions which have allowed us to be where we are today. Personally, this is an opportunity to pay it forward, and to live the truth I longed for years ago.


Cynthia is a LASA Next Gen Ambassador Council and FPA & Business Partner (CS) for Fronditha Care. Read more about our Ambassadors here.