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Joyce Boon is a young leader working to inspire better workplaces across Australia. With her team at Mirus Australia, she is optimising staff coverage to the care needs of residents, minimising the complexity of interpreting awards and integrating technology for improved financial sustainability in aged care.

Joyce was recognised as a future leader at Mirus Australia and recently participated in the Mirus Emerging Leaders Program. The program has been designed to nurture leadership capabilities, provide education, and career development opportunities, and assist team members in becoming the best leader they can possibly be. Her passion is further highlighted by the recent EOFY Mirus Australia awards, where Joyce won the People’s Choice Award!

In her free time, Joyce enjoys cooking and loves trying out new culinary experiences. She is a much loved in-house foodie at Mirus and the team reach out to her for all food related advice and follow her reviews on Instagram.

Let’s meet Joyce!

1. How is ’your world’ changing?

I now have increased responsibilities and accountability. By being appointed as an emerging leader of the organisation, I’m now even more responsible for the strategy of our organisation and am also responsible for the actions of those who report to me.

2. What tools/process do you use to stay focused when learning something new?

The rule of 3 – humans can only remember three things at a time. So if I take on at least three things that I learn and put them into practice – the training program will have been a success for me.

3. What is your career highlight to date?

At Mirus, my latest highlight would be developing a repeatable Workforce Diagnostic and Roster Optimisation practice in the Workforce Team (with the help of other amazing smart humans at Mirus of course). Overall, my career highlight is being promoted to Manager, also at Mirus! Outside of Mirus, one of my highlights is working at EY on a joint project with the World Bank to develop a new Transportation Strategy for Malaysia – to see that in the government blueprint is pretty cool!

4. What is the biggest challenge facing you and/or leadership teams today?

One of the biggest challenges is balancing time, cost, and quality – the three primary forces of project management. As we are a fast-moving technology organisation at Mirus, we have committed to providing quality service at a fast speed but sometimes resources (i.e. cost) can be a challenge to meet the other two forces. At the same time, being identified as the next leader in the team means that there are other aspects of the role that have evolved, such as team management, resource planning, and conflict resolution, that you need to keep in mind while still working on the client deliverables.

5. What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time? 

I would say go with an open mind. There will be different perspectives that you will now need to consider. To be successful, you will need to be agile or quick enough to change your plans because most days, things will not go according to your plan!

6. What are you going to do to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader? 

Continuous learning is my motto. You’ll never stop learning no matter how experienced someone deems you to be and in order to grow, leaders should keep the humble mindset that there are things we still can learn. We need to continue to grow, whether it’s from formal training, on the job experience or just observing and learning from others.

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