Sometimes the challenges of working in age services feel like they are overwhelming. Particularly in the current environment with the additional challenges of a global pandemic.

So, what can you do to maintain your energy and passion? Here are some of my top tips:


The age services industry is changing – be part of the change that you want to see  

Young leaders tend to embrace change. They are optimistic, have fresh perspective and bring an energy that inspires people.

The Royal Commission represents a once in a lifetime opportunity for young leaders to shape the future of age services and motivate the change.

Now is the time for young leaders to find the courage to step up! Share your ideas, contribute to the conversation and take responsibility for the energy you bring. Remember, the greatest work flows out of diversity.


Find your tribe – by connecting with them you will feel empowered 

Sometimes young leaders in age services feel out of place. You might find it difficult to find people your age in the workplace that you can truly connect with.

When your professional life makes you feel vulnerable, having a circle of friends you can share your experiences with can be a huge confidence boost. If you don’t find them within your team, expand your horizons and look further. The positivity, unity and support will empower you to shine!

You can connect with other young leaders through LASA Next Gen by joining the email list and following us on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram)


Practice self-care – you can’t pour from an empty cup 

We all struggle with feelings of not being able to do enough. There is not enough time, resources, funding, etc. However, working harder doesn’t always result you making a larger impact. It can leave you burnt out, feeling fatigued and lacking the clarity to be productive.

It is important to take time to replenish your energy and build small self-care rituals in to your day. Taking 15 minutes for meditation, doing a mini-declutter or sitting in the sun has the power to revitalise you.


Find the inspiration you are seeking – then seek to be the inspiration 

There are many places to find inspiration. Inspiration awakens us to new possibilities beyond the perception of our own capabilities. When you commit time to explore your passion, it is reinvigorating and connects you to your purpose.

You could set a personal goal, engage a mentor, get hooked on a new podcast, immerse yourself in study or get your passion project off the ground.

When you are fueled by passion and purpose, anything is possible!


Danielle Ainsworth is the Regional General Manager Home Care Services at Australian Unity and a LASA Next Gen Ambassador in Victoria.