It feels like the storm has started to settle, but there are many more changes on the horizon for 2021. Having a plan for daily success is vital.


It doesn’t matter if you are running a department, managing a team, or mentoring others – how you lead is important. Some people find it comes naturally, but for others it is a skill that must be continually nurtured and developed.


No matter where you sit of leadership spectrum (follower, emerging or senior leader), finding routines and practicing new skills will ensure you become the leader you always wanted.

For many of us it doesn’t happen without the willingness to learn and the daring to take risks.


Many times it’s all about be ‘strategic’ but this is a term that can seem impractical and ambiguous. We’ve found that small practical tips can be most helpful for current and emerging leaders. Helping them identify new routines that help them tackle the ongoing challenges.


So what do leaders do on a daily basis to ensure they are at their best?


I write my to do list every morning without fail. Even if some of my to-do’s have rolled over from the day before, I acknowledge sometimes you can’t get everything done in one day and move on to start fresh. I find that the physical act of writing down my tasks and planning my day keeps me accountable and also make sure nothing slips through the cracks!
– Jamie Langdon, Marketing & Communications Manager, Benevolent Living


Designate time to be proactive with planning!
When the team becomes short staffed/under resourced this is generally the first section of time that is sacrificed however I am learning that I need to protect this with more vigour. If I don’t complete proactive planning the mindset of the entire team shifts to been reactive and they become stagnant and begin to stop enjoying their role. After multiple cycles of this I have only realised in the last 12 months the importance of how my structure and role has a direct influence on the team.

– Paul Forrest, WA RAC State Manager, Plena Healthcare


It’s all about connecting with my team. I always take the time at the beginning of everyday to say hello, and ensure we take the time to connect, it might be listening to a concern or talking about what’s happening in our day. Connecting with my team instead of dealing with the emails first things, helps everyone to see that we can support each other no matter how busy we seem.
– Eshna Khadka, Operations Manager, Castle Personnel


Probably doing a scan of emails, Teams and any other communications early on in the day, this helps in spotting those items that might snowball or need to be reprioritised. The sooner you’re on to it, the better it is for everyone.
– Georgia Klipic, Communications Officer, Community Services Group


Something I try to do with every interaction/meeting in my day to day is  to try and get ‘below the deck’ in terms of understanding different views and feelings. From a sensory perspective I am considering the content being discussed and whether we need to be converging in thinking or diverging:

  • Actions and behaviour of colleagues
  • Consideration of my own actions and behaviours

This helps me to have deeper conversations and more meaningful outcomes.
– Kaizaad Mehta, National Director Healthcare, Commonwealth Bank

Do you agree with our young leaders?
What do you every day to set yourself up for success?

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