Leading in the workplace during a pandemic has many screaming “this wasn’t in the manual”. For young leaders today, uncertainty is also coupled with the challenges and excitement of transitioning to new organisations, new teams and new cultures.

We also know 2021 will see more change and challenges.
So how do leaders prepare for a change in their career and support their teams to embrace it?

If you’re the type of person who, like me, loves instruction manuals (e.g. looks up the gaming control instructions before diving in to play) here are 3 tips and resources for you.


1. Listen to understand, not to respond.

Unconsciously thinking about how you’ll respond while someone’s talking, is easy when there’s a million things to do from the get-go. Your team may look to you for all the answers and you might feel like you want to have all the answers now.

Listening with a curious mind to simply understand can help you avoid making calls and judgements without the right context. Save yourself from being reactive in the future by taking time to listen in the present, about the past.

See Franklin Covey’s Habit 5 for more.


2. Discover strengths.

This is about going beyond the hobbies, family and pets. Learning about the things that motivate, bring them joy, and are strengths. How much of this actually plays out in their daily work? Have they had the opportunity to think about how they can bring their strengths into work activities and projects that align with the organisation?

It was a delight to learn that humour is a common strength in my team, food brings joy and we have much more engaging meetings when we lean into these.

Quiz lovers are in for a treat with the VIA Character Strengths Survey


3. Take a step back and reflect.

If along the way you’re finding yourself deep in the work to achieve the goals set out, it pays to take a step back and reflect on the bigger picture. Have you created an environment where people trust and feel safe to express their ideas and ask questions? Do you and your team hold an infinite mindset; a perspective that leads with purpose over short term goals?

Unpack this with Simon Sinek’s The Infinite Game

In the spirit of the infinite mindset, the concept of “team” is not limited to the people you lead in the workplace. For me, many wonderful team members I had never dreamed of meeting have been found right here at LASA Next Gen.


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Alyssa Borja is Team Manager, Learning and Development at Multiple Sclerosis Ltd and a LASA Next Gen Ambassador