As the age service sector embarks on a period of significant change, emerging leaders will be key in reshaping the sector for the future. Age services has never seen a period of change like it, including significant reform, a new Government and post-pandemic considerations.

Now is the time for emerging leaders to come to the fore with their own new and exciting ideas, paired with the learning, expertise and advice from current leaders. Harnessing this knowledge will be key in driving the sector forward and ensuring a robust future for the industry.

The Next Gen National Future Leaders Virtual Forum 2022 offers an exciting program of national speakers including trailblazers, innovators and experts, coming together to share their experiences, insights and knowledge into the rapidly changing aged care sector.

This forum will deliver an impressive range of guest speakers and panellists from across the sector on key topics that are of relevance to emerging leaders.

Join us to hear about and discuss:

  • The journey towards leadership
  • How to take a great idea and turn it into a success
  • The future horizon of workforce
  • Making change happen
  • Promoting wellbeing for workforce and clients

This will be an engaging and insightful one day virtual forum designed for new, emerging and current leaders – whether you have worked in the sector for some time, are wanting to progress your career or are new to the sector having re-evaluated your professional priorities in a post-pandemic world. We hope you will be able to join us for this unique opportunity to hear from a range of leaders and innovators in the sector.

Virtual Forum Program:

TimeSession Title
9.30am – 10.30amCheck In & Introductory Video
10.30am – 10.40amOpening & Welcome
Session 1 – Journeys Towards Leadership: Advice on Getting ‘There’
In this session, we will hear firsthand from leading sector CEOs on how they came into aged care and became sector leaders. This is a great opportunity to reflect on your career path and get advice if you aspire to be a leader in our sector.
10.57am -11.17amWhy Should People Be Led By You?
11.20am – 12.00pmJourneys Towards Leadership: Advice on Getting ‘There’
12:00pm – 12:17pmVirtual Break
Session 2 – Purposeful Impact: The Reality of Taking a Great Idea and Turning it into a Successful Business
As our sector develops and becomes more sophisticated, having an entrepreneurial mindset is playing an ever increasingly important role—not just for start-ups, but also mature provider organisations. Learn from our speakers in this session on how they took a good idea, implemented it, and turned it into successful and sustainable business.
12:17pm – 12.37pmThe Call to Positive Disruption: The Five Good Friends Story
12:40pm – 1:20pmPurposeful Impact: The Reality of Taking a Great Idea and Turning it into a Successful Business
Session 3 – Organisations in Transition: Bringing the Future Horizon to Workforce
Real leadership requires the ability to change and transform organisations, where at times, the path is uncertain and ambiguous. In many instances, this involves not just developing strategies and processes, but also ensuring that workforces have the right training, mindset, and supports to succeed.
1.20pm – 1.42pmIt’s Always About People: A Legacy of Improved and Sustained Capability
1.45pm – 2.25pmOrganisations in Transition: Bringing the Future Horizon to Workforce
2.25pm – 2.40pmVirtual Break
Session 4 – Advocacy, Design and Choice: Making Change Happen
The foundation for change is grounded in our ability to design services, products and organisation solutions that people want. A part of this also involves advocating for change.
2.40pm – 3.02pmThere is a Better Way: Advocating with a Different Perspective to Traditional Challenges
3.04pm – 3.44pmAdvocacy, Design and Choice: Making Change Happen
Session 5 – The Holistic Us: Promoting Wellbeing for Workforce and Older Australians
Doing something new is often marked with moments of intense engagement, ambiguity and stress. Yet part of any implementation initiative needs to take into consideration staff and client wellbeing.
3.46pm – 4.06pmMaking ECH’s Dandelion Hotel Real: Understanding Resident and Staff Wellbeing
4.08pm – 4.48pmThe Holistic Us: Promoting Wellbeing for Workforce and Older Australians
4.48pm – 4.58pmWrap up & Close of Forum



Each delegate will require their own individual registration and will receive a unique login to the online portal which is only valid for use on one device at a time. The online conference platform is simple to use and allows you to access presentations, one to one meetings, and connect with your colleagues in the meeting hub. There will also be live support available for the duration of the forum should you have any questions.

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