Next Gen Community Partners

Next Gen Community Partners are committed to ensuring we have a strong, resilient workforce for our future.

These organisations are partnering with Next Gen to support our vision to engage young leaders in the discussion about our industry’s future.

Our Community Partners are invited to collaborate and join us in supporting our industry’s young leaders – from bedside to boardroom.

This ensures our Next Gen tribe is a key part of building the workplaces and workforces of the future.

Our young workers know they challenges we’re facing in our workplaces and communities. They’re stepping up to be part of the solution. LASA Next Gen and our Community Partners are providing a platform to connect, inspire and ensure all ages are part of creating a future in which we can all age well.

We’re starting with the next generation.

Will you join us?

Connect with LASA’s Principal Advisor Next Gen to discover how you can become a Next Gen Community Partner today – Samantha Bowen 0488 123 125