The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport released the Report on the Inquiry into the Quality of Care in Residential Aged Care Facilities in Australia last October.

The Committee made 14 recommendations, citing more could be done to improve the aged care system.

LASA is seeking your feedback in relation to recommendation 4 where the Committee recommends that the Australian Government:

a) Legislate to ensure that residential aged care facilities provide for a minimum of one Registered Nurse to be on site at all times; and

b) Specifically monitor and report on the correlation between standards of care (including complaints and findings of elder abuse) and staffing mixes to guide further decisions in relation to staffing requirements.

Q: What are your views on these recommendations?

Q: What would a 24 hour RN mean for your facility?

Q: Is there a distinct difference between facilities located in metropolitan areas and facilities located rural or remote in retaining/ attracting Registered Nurses?

Q: How do you determine and demonstrate that your model has the correct number of staff, with the right mix of skills, to meet the differing assessed needs of every resident in their care?

Q: What is your model of care?

Q: Are there rules of thumb that you follow regarding the ratio of RNs, Care Workers and Care recipients?

Q: Will reporting on the correlation between standards of care and staffing mixes guide decisions in relation to staffing requirements? Is this practical with existing measures of quality? Does it also need to be combined with measures of acuity?


LASA Members who belong to our Clinical Governance Community of Practice (COP) can login here to provide direct feedback. If you are interested in joining this COP please email LASA’s Member Advocate Nigel McGothigan via