The Department of Health has advised that the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency is undertaking quality reviews of new approved providers and is starting to identify misunderstandings and poor or incorrect behaviours by providers.  AACQA has started alerting the Department of these matters.

The top five ‘unmets’ for home care provider quality review against the Home Care Standards include:

  • 1.2 Regulatory Compliance
  • 1.3 Information Management Systems
  • 1.6 Risk Management
  • 2.4 Service User Reassessment
  • 3.1 Information Provision

LASA has received an unsubstantiated report of an approved provider facilitating consumer self-management of home care packages that includes a budget management approach that is not the optimal way for handling  government funds.

Approved providers are reminded that they are accountable for the appropriate use of all home care package funds, and the management of risks for misappropriation of home care package funding in self-management approaches. As such, risk management needs to include conversations with consumers about accountabilities and provisions for when consumers disregard such accountabilities, and any recompense or more appropriate package self-management going forward.

The Department has confirmed that where a provider has concerns about another approved providers behaviour in implementation of home care packages, they can report that concern to the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner for investigation.

Where evidence can be provided of operational mismanagement that may indicate regulatory non-compliance, this can be forwarded to the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency for consideration in the context of quality review procedures.

LASA reminds it Members that, as an industry association, we should  contribute with government in seeking to uphold our duty of care to older Australians and the integrity of government-subsidised aged care programming by protecting consumers from the impacts of ill-informed and poorly administered provider operations.