Member feedback has revealed that Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA) has recently commenced making contact with new approved home care providers across various States to initiate processes associated with their initial 12 month quality review following a new approved provider’s commencement of home care package services.

These processes involve contact with a new approved provider to request completion/submission of their self-assessment of home care package operations against the Home Care Common Standards and scheduling of a follow up quality review visit. Member feedback indicates there is some variability across States in the AACQA engagement with new home care providers in respect to communication and lead time notification for contact.

Over the last couple of years the AACQA have also talked about an educational approach with new Approved Providers delivering home care packages to support their operations and LASA is keen to here from Members who have undergone an initial quality review as a new approved provider to gain further insight into industry experience in this area. Members who are new approved providers having undergone an initial quality review can email feedback on their experience to