Services Australia is developing a new Aged Care Provider Portal to eventually replace two current systems – Aged Care Online Services for Home Care and the Aged Care Online Claiming System for Residential Care.

LASA will issue further advice as it becomes available and Members are encouraged to look at transition requirements they can undertake in the interim.

Getting access to the portal

Providers need to request access for the new portal – simply entering an existing Aged Care User ID (‘A’ Number) after logging into a PRODA account won’t work.

To get access to the portal:

  1. Have each individual person register for their own Provider Digital Access (PRODA) individual account. Providers do not need to apply for a PRODA organisation account.
  2. Complete a Register for or amend Aged Care Online Claiming using Web Forms (AC004) and email it to Services Australia.

Filling out the AC004

  • If you have multiple staff across multiple services, you can attach a separate sheet to 1 AC004 form.
  • If a user needs access to multiple services, please ensure each service ID they need access to is listed on the separate sheet.
  • When filling out the form, you must use the first and last name used on each person’s PRODA account. This will help prevent any issues when users access the portal for the first time.

Using the ACOO4 form to remove authorised users from services

  • You must tell Services Australia if any current or former authorised users need to be removed from any of your services. This is one of the terms and conditions of using online claiming.
  • You can nominate, amend or remove multiple users and services at the same time on the AC004 form.  You can also specify this on an attached separate sheet if you need to do this for multiple services.

Where to get support