The Palliative Care Access to Core Medicines (PCAM) project aims to support palliative care in the community through enhanced planning and access to essential medicines in aid of people who wish to die at home. A Core Medicines List (CML) has been developed which addresses the five main symptoms commonly seen during the terminal phase (pain, dyspnoea, delirium, nausea and noisy breathing), and also considers affordability, the need for parenteral administration and availability through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. The use of a CML can minimise access barriers, and facilitate timely prescription and supply for end-of-life symptom management.

Aims of the project:

  • increase awareness and use of the CML
  • increase the number of community pharmacies stocking CML
  • increase the number of general practitioners and community pharmacists accessing information and attending training on anticipatory prescribing
  • increase the number of general practitioners and community pharmacists collaborating on the care of their end-of-life patients

Role of the PCAM PSG:

  • provide guidance on project implementation
  • promote the CML and PCAM project widely to relevant networks
  • contribute knowledge and understanding of community based end-of-life care
  • foster alignment with other palliative care initiatives

The meetings will be held on the first Friday of each month at the PSA office in Unley, South Australia (teleconference facilities available), with the first one being held on Friday 3 August 2018.

To express interest in joining please contact LASA State Manager SA Rosetta Rosa