It is important for providers to remind clients receiving a pre-assignment letter 3 months prior to HCP assignment that the national queue is fluid, and dates of approval and priority adjustments for level of care that emerge for other clients may adjust a person’s position in the queue and their wait time.

Providers should be aware that there are some factors impacting on HCP assignment relative to the Department of Health’s issuing of pre assignment letters to clients that can delay wait times.

Where a client does contact the My Aged Care Contact Centre to query any delay in the assignment of a HCP given advice in the pre assignment letter please be aware that Contact Centre staff may need to communicate a change to the client’s wait time for HCP assignment relative to advice provided in the issued letter.

Providers can support clients in adjustment to this delay relative to client expectations by communicating the challenges for managing the national queue in the context of overall demand for a limited supply of HCPs.