LASA has conducted a survey of Members who provide home care packages, in response to concerns about the tightening of home care package approval decisions by assessors and the slowing of home care package releases from the national queue.

This has occurred in the context of growing consumer demand for home care packages, increasing competition among home care providers and a lack of clear policy direction concerning client contribution to the cost of care. Thank you to those LASA Members who completed this very detailed survey.

There were 24 home care providers that provided program data through the survey with a total sample of over 10,000 home care packages at 1 October 2018. LASA is currently analysing the survey data, with detailed results to be reported back to Members in the coming weeks.

A summary table of the number of home care packages represented in the sample is reported below. Note the percentage increase in package numbers for each package level across the period 1 January 2018 to 1 October 2018 (9 months) consistent with Member reports of their experience across 2018: