LASA’s Third Home Care Provider Survey Report is an analysis of survey data captured among a small but representative sample 24 home care package providers.

The survey was conducted in response to concerns about the tightening of home care package approval decisions by assessors, the slowing of home care package releases from the national queue, growing consumer demand for home care packages, increasing competition among home care providers and a lack of clear policy direction concerning client contribution to the cost of care. Key findings include:

  • Wait-times often being much longer than those published on My Aged Care.
  • Many people on the queue never receiving the level of care that they were assessed as needing and instead pass away, or exit from a home care package to either hospital or residential care.
  • Consumers identified as more often topping up their home care package with Commonwealth Home Support Program services when compared with purchase additional care themselves.
  • The level of unspent home care package funds being indicative of around $450 million nationally at 1 October 2018.
  • Widespread concern among providers about inappropriate home care package expenditure requests from consumers.

Recommendations in response to survey are listed in the report and are consistent with LASA recommendations reported elsewhere.