LASA has sought clarification from the Department of Health on a number of Member queries concerning price publishing commencing 1 July 2019. The following information is a reflection of the advice provided.

Publishing of Indicated Care Management Hours

When providers attempt to enter their pricing arrangements via the My Aged Care Provider Portal they will only be able to express fortnightly care management hours as whole numbers. For providers offering a half hour of care management per fortnight for Level 1 home care packages (or variations that cannot be expressed as whole numbers), advice from the Department of Health is that only full hours can be entered for care management, noting that this is an approximation. Providers can give further descriptive detail within the explanation “Approach to care management” free text field, and/or their Full Price List.

Providers not offering self-managed care management

It is mandatory to complete the self-managed care management fields in the new home care pricing schedule. However, it is not mandatory to put a price if you do not offer this option. Instead, please enter N/A in the relevant fields.

Providers seeking information about the home care pricing changes is available at Improving home care pricing information. Providers with further queries regarding their uploading of prices into the My Aged Care Provider Portal can email for advice noting that this email address in not for general inquiries and is time-limited in terms of being active.