LASA has been advised that My Aged Care staff are currently contacting home care providers to improve price publishing on My Aged Care. The advice is in response to Member concerns and follows commentary that as of 7 March, 22 per cent of home care providers had failed to publish their current pricing information on the My Aged Care Service Finder.

The Department says the non-compliance numbers they reported were accurate as at the relevant date. Non-compliance numbers excluded those providers who had encountered submission errors in uploading published prices to My Aged Care.

Current Compliance Activity

In terms of the current compliance action underway, providers who have encountered system issues or have evidence of making genuine attempts to upload pricing information will not be pursued at this stage (including those mentioned below under the heading Saved/Not Submitted). The Department is currently working through a list of providers individually to ensure any potential system related issues are rectified promptly. However, there is no evidence of systemic system based issues that are preventing a provider from publishing pricing information for any of their services.

Saved/Not Submitted

Many providers have failed to undertake the full steps necessary to publish a pricing schedule. This process includes:

Step One – uploading a provider PDF price schedule through the My Aged Care Provider Portal

Step Two – submitting the PDF price schedule to the Department through the provider portal for approval.

The full process is outlined in the Quick Reference Guide Create service delivery outlets and add service information using the My Aged Care provider portal.

As part of the upcoming My Aged Care Release 14 that will come online from Monday 25 March 2019, the Department have advised they are removing the second step, which requires providers to submit documents to the Department for approval. This will mean that any PDF price schedule attachments that have not yet been submitted to the Department (second step) will be removed from the system as were uploaded during the first step.

Contact Centre Calls

The Contact Centre is calling providers that have a pricing attachment in the saved/not submitted category. This is being done as a courtesy to ensure they do not lose this information if they wish to retain it (and therefore requesting they submit their attachments for approval).

These calls are being made to both non-compliant providers (who have not yet submitted any pricing information) and compliant providers (who have previously submitted pricing information, but have a newer version in the state of saved/not submitted). Non-compliant providers in this scenario are being given time to rectify this issue before any compliance action is undertaken.

For further information please contact LASA’s Principal Advisor Home Care Troy Speirs at