There is an extensive amount of activity associated with the implementation of the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) currently. Key items for CHSP providers to note include:

Dex Data Collection

The end of the January to June 2019 reporting period for entry of service activity data for CHSP providers is Tuesday 30 July 2019. CHSP providers are reminded to make sure that their data is entered into the Data Exchange as soon as possible to avoid any last minute issues that might occur when uploading data.

CHSP ‘grandfathered client’ Data Collection

Following feedback from the sector and providers about the time needed to complete this task, the department has extended the project deadline from 1 September 2019 to 23 October 2019. This means providers will have more time to enter data about grandfathered clients into the My Aged Care Provider Portal.

Wellness and Reablement Report Outcomes 2018

Under the terms and conditions of the 2018 CHSP grant agreement, service providers in all states and territories except in Victoria were required to submit an annual CHSP Wellness and Reablement Report to the Department of Health.

The Department received a total of 1,025 submissions from service providers that provide a better understanding of:

  • Service providers’ knowledge and level of awareness about the benefits of wellness and reablement;
  • How service providers are implementing wellness and reablement approaches in their service delivery practices; and
  • What additional information and support may be required.

Charter of Aged Care Rights

The Department of Health have now issued additional guidance for CHSP providers in regard to their legislative responsibilities for implementing the Charter of Aged Care Rights with new and existing consumers. CHSP providers will receive correspondence from the Department on this matter, include a template letter for CHSP consumers that can be adapted for use to account for operational considerations. Key points to note for CHSP providers include:

  • By 30 September 2019 all existing CHSP consumers need to have been given a copy of the Charter signed by their provider.
  • By 30 June 2020 all existing CHSP consumers are to be supported to understand the Charter and be given the opportunity to sign a copy of the Charter.

Home care package providers should note they required to implement the Charter of Aged Care Rights with existing consumers by 31 December 2019.

Managing CHSP Service Information in My Aged Care

The CHSP Program Manual (2018) states that service providers must:

Manage their service information via the My Aged Care provider portal to ensure accurate information is presented publicly through the My Aged Care service finders and to support appropriate referrals to services by the contact centre and RAS or ACAT assessors.

The Department of Health have now issued a My Aged Care factsheet for CHSP providers that aims to help ensure that the service delivery information you set up in the My Aged Care ‘Find a provider’ tool accurately reflects where you are able to deliver services. It is important this information is accurate as it is publicly displayed and informs the referrals made by contact centre staff and assessors. CHSP providers should check that:

  • Their service delivery information is accurate; and
  • Other service information is up to date, including service availability information.