LASA has received advice in response to Member queries regarding the following matters concerning CHSP providers:

Carryover of 2018-19 CHSP indexation payments

The Department of Health has issued advised to all CHSP providers this month concerning the carryover of indexation payments for the 2018-19 funding period for some service types. The Department is aware that the delay to the 2018-19 Indexation payments has impacted on the ability of some CHSP service providers to expend the funding before 30 June 2019. The advice provided concerning carryover may reflect a change to CHSP provider grant agreements in that where applicable, they are not required to formally execute a variation to agreement process. If CHSP providers have any further questions about this advice, they should contact their Funding Arrangement Manager.

CHSP Provider police check guidance

CHSP providers should be aware that there are slightly different police check requirements for Approved Providers (APs) of Residential Care /Home Care because they are funded by the Commonwealth and come under the Aged Care Act 1997, whereas providers of CHSP services are bound by their contracts and come under contract law.

  • For Residential/Home Care the Department recognises only police checks undertaken by Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) – the accredited agency – as able to provide police valid police checks.
  • If the AP/Contracted CHSP provider (who also has Residential Care, Home Care and CHSP services) chooses to obtain the type of police check required by Residential/Home Care providers (ie from an ACIC accredited agency), then that police check would also be valid for the CHSP service.  (see 3.2 Police certificate requirements on page 104-5, and 3.3 Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission checks on page 104 of the attached CHSP manual.

The Department of Health recognises organisations accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC). ACIC accredits organisations as part of their role in delivering the National Police Checking Service. More information about organisations accredited by ACIC is available through the ACIC website.

Grandfathered CHSP clients

CHSP providers have been advised by Government that they are required to complete a data collection template for all grandfathered clients from the former Home and Community Care Program who have not yet been registered in My Aged Care. The My Aged Care Provider Portal will be open from 22 July 2019 until 1 September 2019 for CHSP providers to load the completed template and enter the remaining client Members should note that completion of registration of grandfathered CHSP clients will improve the national visibility of demand and service use data for CHSP clients, supporting a comprehensive and considered data driven approach to continuing home care reforms.

Charter of Aged Care Rights

The Department of Health is finalising a template letter and email communication resource for CHSP providers to support the implementation of the charter with existing CHSP consumers. LASA encourages CHSP providers to await the release of additional CHSP guidance in the coming weeks noting there is discussion concerning an extension of timeframes for implementation of the Charter among existing CHSP consumers.