The Aged Care Financial Authority recently presented its sixth annual report on Funding and Financing of the Aged Care Industry. The report examines the developments, issues and challenges affecting the sector, and provides a range of statistics and analysis of the provision of aged care in Australia, including home care.

Key home care statistics to note include that in 2016-17:

  • 722,838 consumers received services through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), and 62,089 older Australians received services through the Western Australian Home and Community Care (HACC);
  • 97,516 consumers were in receipt of a home care package at some stage during 2016-17. 151,500 home care packages will be required by 2021-22 in order to meet the target ratio of 45 home care packages per 1,000 people aged 70 and over;
  • There were $329 million in unspent home care package funds at 30 June 2017 with recommendation for review of related policies;
  • Home care providers received an estimated $1.85 billion in revenue in 2016-17, incurred around $1.65 billion in expenses and generated $201 million in profit. Total Commonwealth funding was $1.68 billion;
  • Consumers of home care contributed around $150 million toward the cost of their care through basic daily fees and income tested fees; and
  • The financial performance of home care providers continued to be relatively strong in 2016-17 but reported a slight decrease in profits compared with 2015-16.