With residential care providers currently under significant pressure, LASA’s Principal Advisor Residential Aged Care Sharyn McIlwain shares her latest quality observations below. The top 5 “not mets” remain consistent:

1.6 – Human Resources

2.4 – Clinical Care

2.13 – Behaviour Management

4.4 – Living Environment

2.7 – Medication Management

Members are also reporting a significant increase in 3.6 – Privacy and Dignity.

Below is a reminder of the requirements under 3.6 – Privacy and Dignity for all Senior Staff and Direct Care Staff (the list provided is not exhaustive).

Please ensure that you have discussed Privacy and Dignity, remembering that Standard 3 – Care Recipient Lifestyle is very strongly reflected throughout the Aged Care Quality Standards which will commence on 1 July 2019.

3.6 – Privacy and Dignity


  • Care recipients retain their personal, civic, legal and consumer rights, and are assisted to achieve active control of their own lives within the residential care service and in the community.
  • Each care recipient’s right to privacy, dignity and confidentiality is recognised and respected.


  • Management demonstrates each care recipient’s privacy, dignity and confidentiality is recognised and respected.
  • Care recipients/representatives confirm care recipients’ privacy, dignity and confidentiality is recognised and respected in accordance with individual needs and preferences.

Examples of some comments in AACQA reports are:

  • Observed staff standing whilst assisting residents with meals
  • Observed staff having conversations across residents –ie, discussing their weekends whilst assisting with meals
  • Observed staff using lifting equipment in corridors rather that the residents room or bathroom
  • Staff entering rooms without knocking
  • Doors not being closed when attending basic care needs
  • Documentation – cupboards left open with resident names on display

AACQA is actively seeking real life examples to assist with explaining the intent of the Aged Care Quality Standards. Examples of current AACQA case studies are available here.