LASA invites you to join us for Ten Days of Congress 12-23 October 2020, an exclusively online event with the theme: Achieving an Amazing Ageing Experience – it takes community, commitment and collaboration.

This two-week COVID-safe cyber extravaganza will bring keynote speakers, interactive sessions, networking opportunities, virtual trade exhibits and unique activities straight to you – making it more accessible than ever before.

“The Ten Days of Congress welcomes the entire age services community to join us and explore how we can best deliver a future where every Australian can access an amazing ageing experience,” said LASA CEO Sean Rooney.

“Our aim is to create a world in which we can age with confidence – where we feel safe, respected and loved, and where we are supported to continue to live our lives to the full.

“We recognise ageing as a gift that highlights the success of our society, where we create better futures for the growing numbers of older Australians.

“Community, commitment and collaboration to achieve a once-in-a-lifetime change towards the best of ageing is a task of national importance.”

The categories within Ten Days of Congress include:

  1. Building a Culture of Respect (consumer engagement focus)
  2. Ageing in Place (home care)
  3. Workforce & Culture
  4. Financials & Funding
  5. Governance & Risk
  6. Innovation, Research & Development
  7. COVID-19 & Aged Care
  8. International Perspectives
  9. Marketing & Communication
  10. The Future of Ageing

“This innovative event is about making Australia the premier place to age,” said Mr Rooney. “That means more integration within communities and increased intergenerational connections.

“We need Australians to be interested, engaged and comprehend aged care better and we must broaden the general participation of people in making the system the best.

“It is not just going to happen because we wish it to occur, it is going to happen because we take action.

“We ae at a watershed moment, with the Aged Care Royal Commission to report early next year and the United Nations launching its Decade of Healthy Ageing.”

Participants in the Ten Days of Congress are encouraged to customise their experience to make it work for them, to suit their needs, their agenda and their timetable.

People will be able to be involved in their selected sessions through LASA’s Virtual Congress Portal, complemented by a range of Satellite Events from tailored forums and workshops to celebrating our heroes at the National Excellence in Age Services Awards 2020.

“Now more than ever people are demanding excellence from age services providers, both in the provision of quality care and in the way we innovate,” Mr Rooney said.

“As I have said before, by respecting older Australians we are saying to all people—you matter, what you do in your life matters, and as you age we as a nation are here to support you to continue to matter.

“This defines world-class living and care, from beginning to end.”