LASA’s 2020 Member Survey has revealed a 98 per cent overall satisfaction with LASA and a large increase in respondents being extremely or very satisfied.

At the same time, LASA has been selected as a finalist in the Association of the Year Award, with the winners to be announced by the Associations Forum in December.

LASA CEO Sean Rooney said the survey results and the finalist nomination showed the dedicated and tireless work the LASA team had provided to Members before and during the pandemic.

“While the sector has been extremely saddened by the losses in aged care, we have worked hard on lessons learned, stepping up our game and our Members on the front line have thanked us for it,” he said.

“I have been inundated with positive feedback – one Member said LASA is like an insurance policy, because we are there when our Members need us.

“As CEO of LASA, I’m incredibly proud of the work that we do as a team, and the support we have been able to provide during very testing times.”

The percentage of Members saying they are extremely satisfied with LASA’s industry support and advocacy has increased across all measures, more than doubling in some areas.

Key Member feedback:

  • 98 per cent positive satisfaction with LASA, up 8 per cent compared to 2019
  • Increase of 23 per cent satisfaction rating for helpfulness of LASA staff
  • Increase of 22 per cent satisfaction rating for responsiveness of LASA staff
  • Increase of 15 per cent satisfaction rating for timeliness of response
  • Increase of 20 per cent satisfaction rating for online events

In some States like Queensland, LASA received 100 per cent positive satisfaction.

With many LASA Members overworked and sometimes overwhelmed, LASA has firmly stepped into the gap, providing detailed and timely guidance and resources, and anticipating needs, through our COVID-19 Taskforce and specialised support.

“Our close connection with government leaders and health authorities has allowed us to bring clarity and assurance in what has been an uncertain environment,” Mr Rooney said.

“With a total of around 10,000 Member support engagements throughout the year, LASA has been busier than ever before.

“While we cancelled our face-to-face events, consultancy and training in March, we have modified our service delivery format, taking our support online and going the extra mile for those most affected by the pandemic.

“We have also maintained our support in relation to the Aged Care Royal Commission, providing regular updates and assisting Members called to provide information.”

Members identified the following information as particularly useful: Regular updates, zoom meetings, templates/forms, specific information requests, webinars, action guides, clarification of changing regulations, emailed updates and direct advice.

The availability of resources and access to advice were noted as reasons for a high approval rating.

“COVID-19 has resulted in a new understanding of the need for LASA Membership,” said Mr Rooney.

“Most feel the information we’ve been providing about COVID-19 has been extremely comprehensive and helpful to them, and that we haven’t missed anything.

“Our advocacy work has also been well received, particularly by our rural Members, with a significant increase on all key policy and advocacy measures since 2019.

“One area that I’m extremely happy to hear, is that our Member’s perceptions of our service delivery have increased by as much as 23 per cent, demonstrating the additional effort we’ve been putting in to support our Members during these challenging times.

“We are incredibly honoured to know that despite the challenges faced by our Members, they have found in LASA an organisation that has been able to provide them with the support they need.

“It absolutely demonstrates that we are stronger together.”

For more information visit or to discuss taking up a LASA Membership please call 1300 111 636 or email