Australia’s aged care sector has come together to recognise the hundreds of thousands of people who work in aged care for the positive contribution they make to the lives of our older Australians and the wider community.

Aged Care Employee Day on Wednesday 7 August, is a national day to say thank you to the more than 365,000 dedicated people who care for and support around 1.3 million older Australians who receive care and services each year.

“Aged Care Employee Day is designed to celebrate each and every team member involved in the journey of caring for older Australians,” said Leading Age Services Australia CEO Sean Rooney.

“In many ways this is a challenging time for the aged care sector and sometimes we can forget the enormously positive contribution of the overwhelming majority of our dedicated workforce to the welfare of older Australians and to our communities.”

Dementia Australia CEO Maree McCabe acknowledged the extraordinary contribution aged care workers make to the lives of people living with dementia.

“With 70 per cent of the 447,000 Australians with dementia living in the community and 50 per cent of all those in residential aged care having a diagnosis of dementia, almost every worker across the country is involved in caring for people impacted by dementia,” Ms McCabe said.

“Aged Care Employee Day is a wonderful way to honour and thank our Aged Care Workforce for all that they do.

“It is essential that organisations continue to invest in developing a workplace culture that inspires and supports their teams to deliver quality dementia care.”

 Chair of the Age Services Industry Reference Committee Ian Hardy said the aged care workforce is intrinsic to the delivery of the quality, caring services received by many thousands of older Australians every day.

“The skills, compassion and professionalism which our colleagues bring to their individual roles makes a fundamental difference to the quality of life of residents and those receiving support in the own homes. That contribution needs to be acknowledged and treasured by the Australian community.

Professor John McCallum, CEO National Seniors Australia added,  “National Seniors’ research consistently finds that good aged care workers are highly valued and respected by consumers.

“The workers carry with them the future of a great and growing aged care industry.”

Aged Care Employee Day is an official day, registered with It was initiated by aged care provider Whiddon in 2018 and is now proudly led and co-ordinated by Leading Age Services Australia (LASA).

Individuals and employers wishing to take part can find information and resources on the Aged Care Employee Day website here:

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