LASA has exciting results from its two Mentoring Programs, with 100 per cent of Mentors and Mentees recommending the project and the third program starting in July 2021.

All Mentees surveyed at the end of the programs said they strongly agreed the Mentoring Program was impressive and would recommend it to others. Eighty seven per cent found the detailed and comprehensive online learning platform extremely helpful in developing their skills.

Mentors also praised the program, with 75 per cent continuing mentoring partnerships and 100 per cent strongly agreeing that the program met expectations.

“Our mentoring program is a real game-changer for the age services sector and has already started building broad skills, conviction and capacity,” said LASA General Manager of Policy and Advocacy, Tim Hicks.

“It is a critical cornerstone for developing and keeping experienced and talented professionals.

“People who have gone through the Mentoring Program will help change and reimagine our caring industry, especially as we transform through the Royal Commission report.”

The LASA Mentoring Program is a five-month partnership and online training program, which is available to age services employees Australia-wide.

All the mentees meet with their mentor five or more times during the program and 63 per cent met more than the minimum amount (five meetings over five months).

Mentees are matched with a Mentor outside their organisation to support collaboration and connection and to build strong personal networks across the age services industry.

“I thoroughly recommend the mentoring experience for people at any stage in their career,” said Samantha Bowen, Principal Advisor LASA Mentoring Program.

“Mentoring is an exciting way to build a strong foundation to support current and emerging leaders in their career development.

“It is about steering a pathway to success. With many more staff required in the sector and current and projected shortages of qualified staff in the age services industry, never has there been a more urgent need for the development and retention of talented age services professionals.”

What our Mentees say about the program

“These meetings were relaxed, but focused. Extremely individualised but using universal methods and strategies to help me meet my goal. As a result, I feel like a different leader, much more confident and able to support my teams, than I did at the start of the program.”

– Simon Larcombe, Healthcare Australia

“The LASA mentoring program provided me with a mentor well matched to my personality and through regular catch ups with my mentor I have developed some great strategies to use in leading my team and have developed more self confidence in my role.

“Both mentor experiences have been incredibly valuable and something that I will reflect on with gratitude for years to come.

“Great to help you gain confidence in your leadership. I’ve learnt so much I can’t begin to write it all down.”

– Danielle Ainsworth, Australian Unity

What our Mentors say about the program

“A good opportunity for senior industry leaders to build capability in the next generation of leaders.”

– Ron Zubrick, KPMG

“Great program, great sessions and know that we are doing great things for our future leaders within aged care!

– Jamie Fillingham, Goodwin Aged Care

“Aged Care is an exciting place. We have talent and it’s our duty to grow and develop them to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.

– Laurie Leigh, CEO RSL LifeCare

The third Mentoring Program starts on 26 July 2021 and runs for 20 weeks. You can find out more and register here.