Our LASA Next Gen Ambassadors are incredibly passionate about the age services industry; from our front-line staff to those in our business teams, and those in hospitality; they love being part of our age services sector and supporting our workplaces through this period of unprecedented growth and change and into the future. Our Ambassadors are helping LASA Next Gen to promote the changing face of aged care and highlight how our industry is dynamic, innovative and life-changing.


But, who are they?


Lester Liao is an Executive Manager at Pathways Sailors Bay and a LASA Next Gen Ambassador.
Learn a bit more about how his role supports the aged care sector to thrive.


Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi. I’m Lester, an RN by profession. My current role is working as an Executive Manager at Pathways Residences in Northbridge NSW. I’m originally from the Philippines where I also am registered to practice nursing. I’m relatively newly married (Jan 2020) and a very new dad (Jan 2021) to a 7 month old.

I’m a coffee addict. I love singing on my spare time (which I rarely have these days) along with gaming, binging movies and series..


What is your favourite thing about working in aged care or what is your favourite memory?

For me it’s the realisation that the most minute of details makes a world of difference.

I looked after a palliative care resident once before, younger than most residents, who had a metastatic cancer. She was a hairdresser and took a lot of pride in her looks. She had given up, clearly at this stage and I had never seen her smile since admission, until we decided to get the hairdresser in, colour and set her hair and beautifully apply her make up. Boy did that make her day and for the first time since meeting her, she smiled.



What are your proudest achievements in the aged services industry so far?

I have been in aged care for 7 years and from an RN I am now managing a facility on my own -121 beds, extra services.


What do you wish other people knew about aged care?

That it is not as easy as you think it is. It is not a ‘stepping stone’ to something greater – it is its own greatness and specialisation


Meet Lester Liao is a LASA Next Gen Ambassador Council and an Executive Manager at Pathways Sailors Bay. Read more about our Ambassadors here.