The biggest Care and Ageing Well Expo helps people live stronger and assists Australians to have success in their life as they live longer and age well.

Australians are growing older, with more than 4.1 million Australians – almost 16% of the population – aged over 65. By 2057, this will rise to 8.8 million – or 22% of the population – and by 2097 it will reach 12.8 million people, or one in four Australians.

The Care and Ageing Well Expo – created by Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) in 2017 and building a strong reputation – is expanding across Australia.

The Expo was held at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre over the weekend of 14-15 August and is moving to the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre on 12-13 February 2022.

These Expos are expected to attract tens of thousands of people, with the WA Expo showcasing the services and products of more than 90 exhibitors, backed up by an outstanding program of fascinating information sessions and lots of fun.

Aside from the captivating exhibitions, the Perth Expo has the Bethanie Lifestyle Stage and the Ageing Well Lounge.

The Bethanie Lifestyle Stage includes demystifying aged care, care planning, financial advice, advance care planning and cyber-crime for seniors.

The Ageing Well Lounge shows you how to connect to dancing, pet therapy, hearing and health, music and choirs, assistive technology, carer support and nutrition.

There are also help desks and information services across the Expos, with comprehensive lifestyle solutions for older people and exciting speakers with a wealth of advice for getting the most out of life.

Both events provide inspiration and supports for our older population and their families, to plan for ageing well.

“The Aged Care Royal Commission said technology and advanced care should be a priority,” said LASA CEO Sean Rooney. “We are integrating technology into older people’s lives and we are innovating in how meet the needs of the growing number of older Australians.

“So many things can make our lives better and there are so many high-tech products and services that assist Australians to age well.

“The Expos are about informing and enabling older Australians and their families to explore how to age well with confidence.

“We are bringing everything together at the Expos, so people can understand what services and supports are available and can talk to the passionate and informed people who provide them.  Bringing a focus on ageing well in later life.”

The Expose will also be a hub to support Career Choices, for guidance and training options for people thinking of a career in aged care and caring in general, with more than 160,000 people needed in the next 10 years.

CMS Events Director, Richard Campbell, says Australia’s ageing population presents a great opportunity for older Australians.

“The Expos will provide a forum full of information, with people starting to understand the journey of caring and looking at how they can be better prepared for the future,” said Mr Campbell.

“We are moving transformation for older people, including advanced living with a healthy lifestyle and an enjoyable life.

“It is important that the planning for older people’s needs is a priority and that their relatives understand this.”

The Expos will showcase the complete scope of services and products in retirement living. home care and residential care that will assist families, older people and the community.

Mr Rooney said that a focus on information, products and services that enable and support older Australians for ageing well should be available to all older Australians.

“More and more Australians are living longer lives, providing opportunities for them to continue to contribute to their families, their communities and our country,” said Mr Rooney.

“It is a bonus that provides a dividend for a longer life, with opportunities for older people to continue to enjoy their lives.

“We want our country to care about better ageing futures, using innovations and connections to make the best of living longer.

“The Expos provide people with information to start the journey, being better informed and having a lot of fun.”

With a great line-up on both stages for visitors, the organisers have planned to record the seminars so those people unable to attend have access to the information.

The organisers are fully compliant with COVID-19 practices and will welcome the event back after a one-year hiatus.

More information is available at