Following the Federal Government announcement of the ‘Home Care Programme – Increasing Consumer Choice’ initiative in the 2015-16 Budget and the commencement of the ‘Increasing Choice Home Care’ (ICHC) reforms on 27 February 2017, one of the key policy changes of the ICHC reform has been the introduction of a national prioritisation approach, managed through the My Aged Care (MAC) gateway service.

With the assignment of home care packages to consumers now occurring through a national queue, providers no longer have access to consumer information after they receive approval to accept a home care package. Provider access to this information now occurs if a consumer actively seeks out a provider as part of their research, assuming that all consumers will be proactive in undertaking this research and activating a packaged care arrangement.

LASA undertook a survey of our national home care package members, evaluating their experience in the 8-week period following the introduction of the ICHC reforms. The subsequent report examines the evidence and provides recommendations from the results of the Home Care Provider Survey.

Download LASA MyAgedCare Research Report.