Royal Commission

Leading Age Services Australia (LASA), the voice of aged care, has welcomed the appointment of Janet Anderson as Australia’s first Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner.

Chief Executive Sean Rooney said LASA is committed to working with the Commission to ensure new standards of quality and safety in the aged care industry are achieved.

“The safety and care of older Australians in not negotiable. The new Aged Care Safety and Quality Commission, along with the Aged Care Quality Framework will provide a strong backbone for quality outcomes in aged care,” Mr Rooney said.

“The Commission must be held accountable for a world-class regulatory framework delivering on risk identification and management, transparency, and robust, timely and fair complaints management systems and processes.

“The Commission, alongside the introduction of unannounced re-accreditation visits that came into effect on 1st July this year, will drive quality improvements in the aged care system and help restore confidence for the community and providers alike.

“Janet Anderson, with the new interim Chief Clinical Advisor Associate Professor Michael Murray, bring vast experience to these critical industry leadership roles. We look forward to working closely with them on behalf of the industry.”

Age Services Industry Reference Committee to Progress Workforce Strategy

Mr Rooney also welcomed today’s moves by the Government to enable national consistency in aged care workforce qualifications and standards.

The Aged Services Industry Reference Committee (IRC) will progress key findings from the Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce report, A Matter of Care, released by the Australian Government in September.

It will work across the vocational education and training (VET) and higher education sectors. Mr Rooney said LASA strongly supports the Government’s responses to workforce development and initial and ongoing training of aged care staff along with remuneration levels as outlined in the Taskforce’s report.

“We need to work towards ensuring providers have the right number of staff, with the right mix of skills, and who are remunerated appropriately, to meet the different needs of everyone in their care.

“Workforce development is of critical importance to the age services industry and it is good to see decisive action to deliver a future fit workforce to meet the needs of the growing numbers of older Australians.

“Essential to this is appropriate resourcing of the sector that reflects the true costs of care and provides the capacity to train and retain quality staff. This means ensuring adequate industry funding and appropriate employee remuneration,” Mr Rooney said.


About Leading Age Services Australia (LASA)

LASA is the national peak body representing and supporting providers of age services across residential care, home care and retirement living. Our purpose is to enable a high performing, respected, and sustainable age services industry delivering accessible, affordable, quality care and services for older Australians.

We represent providers of age services of all types and sizes located across Australia’s metropolitan, regional and rural areas. Consistent with the overall industry profile, 57% of our Members are not-for-profit providers, 33% are for-profit providers and 10% are government providers.

Our diverse and representative membership gives LASA the ability to speak with credibility and authority on issues of importance to older Australians and the age services industry.

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