You’re exploring opportunities in age services and aged care?
Are you excited about a career that helps others?

Across Australia there are great options to start a career in this fast growing and rapidly evolving sector!

There are so many careers that will suit your skills and passion from:

  1. Clinical
    care workers, Enrolled Nursing, Registered Nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapists (and many more!)
  2. Non-clinical
    architect, software engineers, kitchen hands, chefs, environmental services, hospitality, administration, HR/human resources, and lawyers.
    and so many more (we’ve listed some below – Seriously, it’s HUGE!!)

The main thing these careers have in common is that they serve, support and enable older adults in our communities. This can be by ensuring care homes are built with older people in mind, or helping older adults through our law systems, and ensuring they receive safe and quality care.


But, are you unsure where to even begin?
Or wondering if this is the right place to start your career?

Perfect! You’ve come to the right place!


What do young people say about a career in aged care?




Jamie Langdon is a Communications Manager. She moved into an aged care career from the cosmetics industry because she wanted to create meaningful change in the lives of Australia’s seniors. She’s pulled together 10 things she wished she’d known about aged care before entering the industry. Click here to reach Jamie’s top ten!

My name is Aynsley Johnson and I am the Aged Care and Consulting Team Manager for a consulting and marketing firm based in Brisbane, QLD. I have worn many hats across the community sector (and even have half a teaching degree) however learning about the many sides to the aged care sector has been such an eye-opening and rewarding experience


“I have been working in the aged care sector as a Physiotherapist for 4 years having come from a hospital and private practice setting prior to this. Whilst undertaking my Physiotherapy training I never imagined that I would find myself working with the elderly. I had preconceived ideas about the industry and did not believe that it was a suitable fit for me. Boy was I wrong! Working in aged care has provided me with more job satisfaction, more career growth, more learning opportunities and more skill development than I ever thought possible.”

“Nursing was not my first career preference, and I never even thought about age. I was intending to dabble in Information Communication Technology. However, ended up being a nurse in Age Services, it was fate and I have never looked back. I was lucky to have come across a manager that is very passionate about the Aged Services Industry, this opened my eyes and heart. I came to recognise the value of the work done and the people that worked in the industry. To them this is not just a job but a vocation. Working with people of this mindset, learning the stories and accomplishment of the residents and clients in Aged services does humble one and realise the need to value and cherish our relationships and the time we have available to us now.”

“My name is Paul Forrest and I am a State Manager. I am a Physiotherapist that started working in the aged care sector 7 years ago and have travelled from Melbourne back to Perth with the company. I am passionate about aged care, promoting the aged care industry and helping younger leaders develop. Outside of work I love weekends at the beach, any type of sport, reading a book and spending time with my family that includes our daughter who is 1 ½ years old.”



Are you ready to find Government Resources to help you on your way to an aged care career?
Find them listed below.


  • The Industry and Employer Immersion Program
    The South Australian government has committed to support young people to start their employment pathway while in school. This will help to drive better outcomes for young people and contribute to a
    pipeline of skilled workers to support South Australian industry.
    The program is designed to provide students with exposure to workplaces, industries and employers. The program is part of enhanced career education so that all students have multiple opportunities from years 7-10 to engage in the world of work.
    For more information email:
  • Flexible Industry Pathways
    Are you ready to explore an industry-endorsed pathway from secondary school to employment in key growth industries in South Australia? Flexible Industry Pathways include one or more VET qualifications at Certificate II to III level with enterprise and employability skills training and specific industry requirements linked to the pathway.
    For more information email:
  • The SA Government has highlighted subsidised courses for SA residents
    (type “aged” in the search area!)






This is just a start on the support you can find in accessing a career in aged care! Reach out if you’re seeking any further information for your students, friends, or yourself. We’d be happy to help. Email and let us know how we might support you in finding a career in age services!