LASA Sean Rooney today welcomed more than 300 delegates from across NSW, VIC and SA to LASA’s Tri-State Conference 2018 being held at the Albury Entertainment Centre from 4-6 February.

Themed ‘Disrupt, Innovate & Thrive’ the conference will discuss emerging challenges in aged care and encourage delegates to share their own experiences of adapting to the changing wants and needs of older Australians.

“Australia’s aged care system is facing unprecedented demand and there is an urgent need to develop and innovate. The age services industry needs to meet this demand through innovation and by developing a more integrated aged care system,” Mr Rooney said.

“We must adopt new practices and continually shape our services to ensure we achieve greater access to quality care and services for our older Australians.”

Mr Rooney said meeting future demand has meant many aged care providers are searching for cutting edge systems and tools to improve services, efficiencies and quality of care.

“As our population ages, we must accelerate innovation in age services to ensure older Australians retain their independence and have choice and control over the services they need and deserve.

“Disruption is taking place across all industries, including the aged care sector. To thrive, business models must evolve and be more creative in their pursuit of quality, growth and new revenue streams.”

Mr Rooney said the Tri-State Conference, an aged care industry leader for over 20 years, will feature a range of expert presenters providing insights on ways to adapt and thrive in the aged care sector.

LASA’s Tri State Conference 2018 program will provide practical solutions, empowering providers to deliver high quality, innovative aged care services that can thrive in a consumer-driven, market-based aged care system.

Over 300 age services professionals, leaders and specialists from across metropolitan and regional areas of Australia will attend the conference, including LASA’s State Managers Veronica Jamison (Victoria), Brendan Moore (NSW) and Rosetta Rosa (South Australia).

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