Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) says new data on consumer experience in aged care services released today demonstrates the industry’s commitment to transparency, quality and continuous improvement.

The Consumer Experience reports published for the first time by the Aged Care Quality Agency, show over 97 per cent of respondents felt staff treated them with respect either most of the time or all of the time, and over 98 per cent said they felt safe in the service most or all of the time.

LASA Chief Executive Officer Sean Rooney said while there is always room for improvement the figures are broadly positive for the industry.

“These figures suggest that most providers are doing a good job at meeting the needs of the older Australians they care for, which is consistent with high levels of compliance with standards in Australian Aged Care Quality Assurance (AACQA) audits.

“Not everyone performs equally well and there are clearly important safety and quality issues that need to be addressed. However, this data shows that residents themselves generally think providers are doing a good job.

“The reports, which include access to individual provider information, represent a substantial body of work, and we support the Government’s commitment to transparency in the aged care industry.

“Giving residents and their families appropriate information about the quality of aged care services is crucial to improving community confidence in Australia’s aged care system and driving continuous improvement in the quality of care delivered.

“Directly measuring consumer satisfaction, outcomes and quality of care is a good way to test and interpret quality.

“Notwithstanding these positives, it is important to continue to examine and improve on the findings.”

Mr Rooney said the data contained in the reports, together with the new Aged Care Quality Standards which come into effect from 1 July and the Aged Care Workforce Strategy, will all help drive ongoing improvements across the industry.

 “The Royal Commission will also play an important role in uncovering any weaknesses in the age care systems’ performance.”

 Mr Rooney said that with the industry’s clear commitment to quality and improvement comes a responsibility for Government to deliver adequate funding, which at the moment is falling short and putting the industry under significant resourcing pressure.

 Read the Consumer Experience Reports here.


 About Leading Age Services Australia (LASA)

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