The Care and Ageing Well Expo promotes employment in the age services industry, with inspiring careers and a great expansion in West Australian jobs in the next 10 years.

There are almost 36,000 people who work in age services but this will grow to almost 58,000 in WA by 2030. Across Australia, there will be almost 170,000 people required in the age services next decade.

In WA, there will be more than 144,000 users of aged care services in 2030 compared with over 87,000 currently.

“A recent WA report said there would be 179 full time jobs required in aged care every month for the next 10 years,” said Liz Behjat, State Manager of Leading Age Services Australia.

“We know getting the workforce right is fundamental to getting care right through more staff, better skills and qualifications, career pathways and remuneration.

“We must shift our thinking to move the idea of ageing being a ‘burden’ to being experienced as a ‘bonus’ that provides a dividend for a longer life.”

The WA people in the aged care industry are almost the same as the directly employed by BHP, FMG, Rio Tinto and Woodside.

A new CEDA report this week said Australia is facing a shortage of at least 110,000 direct aged-care workers within the next decade unless urgent action is taken to boost the workforce.   

“There are so many exciting and varied jobs in aged care, from nurses and personal care assistants, to allied health professionals, diversional experts, musicians, robotics and technical experts, plus excellent cooks, cleaners and gardeners,” said Ms Behjat.

“It is all advancing ageing and making the people who built this country a better older life.

“It’s an approach that delivers care, support and services – within their own home or in residential care – with respect, quality, safety and compassion.”

Leading Age Services Australia’s role and responsibility is to ensure that Australia’s age services workforce has the skills, knowledge, competencies and confidence to provide outstanding, high-quality care and services, wherever they are working in our sector.

The Care and Ageing Well Expo features Jobs & Skills WA, with Career Choices being able to guide people into the right pathway to gain a career in the age services industry.

They are supported by North Metropolitan and South Metropolitan TAFE, Amana Living, Stanley College, Carers Plus, Programmed Care, Dementia Training Australia and Auscare Group.

The Expo is held in Perth on 14-15 August 2021 and at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre on 12-13February 2022

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