LASA congratulates the Morrison Government on bringing the aged care and senior Australians portfolio into the Federal Cabinet and looks forward to continuing to work with Health Minister Greg Hunt and Aged Care Minister Richard Colbeck.

“It’s about time, because improving the ageing of Australians is a top priority for this nation,” said LASA’s Acting Chief Advocate Tim Hicks.

“However, LASA has been calling for it to be a single Cabinet portfolio. It remains disappointing that aged care has not been made a stand-alone position, like Disability and Veterans Affairs.

“Bringing aged care into Cabinet is paramount and this is backed by the Morrison Government’s establishment of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and the Prime Minister’s commitment to Australia’s respect for older Australians.”

Mr Hicks said the close working relationships with Health Minister Greg Hunt and Aged Care Minister Richard Colbeck would continue.

“We look forward to working with Ministers Hunt and Colbeck to improve outcomes for senior Australians, with LASA bringing grassroots issues directly from our valued Members into Federal Cabinet,” he said.

“COVID-19 has further cemented strong relationships with Government for the protection of our seniors and we deeply respect the dedication of both Ministers.

“We understand that Minister Hunt will lead the response to the Aged Care Royal Commission’s final report in February.

“At present, we are standing on the edge of the biggest transformation of the Australian aged care system ever.

“What we do as a sector and what the Government does in the coming months will have far-reaching impacts for older Australians, and the people and organisations who care for and support them, today and into the future.”