LASA welcomes the West Australian government’s donation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for aged care infection control training.

The State Health Incident Coordination Centre (SHICC) had accessed supplies of PPE and was able to provide 20 packs for training purposes free of charge to every residential aged care facility in WA.

LASA State Manager Liz Behjat said this means that being best-prepared for a COVID-19 outbreak will not eat into WA aged care facilities’ valuable supplies of PPE.

“As we have seen across the country, knowing how to safely don and doff PPE is vital when caring for a person who is suspected to have the viral infection, while providing safe care in a facility experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak.

“LASA and aged care is working closely with the state government and this initiative is a positive step forward, as we continue our commitment to save lives and minimise any outbreaks in WA.”

Each PPE training pack will be provided in an individual bag with every item, apart from the mask and gloves, able to be used multiple times, and by different staff members, following cleaning after each use.

The training packs will be made available for collection by residential aged care facilities from a central distribution location for providers in the Perth metropolitan area and in regional centres for providers in the rest of the state.

“This comes about as a direct result of a recent comprehensive meeting of the sector with Health Minister Roger Cook, when the issue of training and preparing for potential outbreaks in aged care was re-iterated as a top priority,” Ms Behjat said.

“LASA also welcomes the provision of a Residential Care Line and Outreach Service across the state, which now operates 7 days per week from 8am – 6pm.”

If you need residential aged care help from anywhere in WA, call 6457 3146.