LASA is continuing its successful Mentoring Program in February, which builds on the shining success of the original 2020 series.

A survey of the inaugural program found that 100% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that their expectations of the LASA Mentoring Program were met, with 100% recommending the Program to others.

Also, 100% of Mentees found the unique eLearning platform helpful and they felt strongly supported to achieve their goals.

“Leadership, collaboration and ensuring age services shares positive experiences and lessons learned is critical for making Australia the best place to age,” said LASA CEO Sean Rooney.

“It is also heartening to see that 60% of the original participants have continued with their mentoring partnerships, following the 20-week course.

“The LASA Mentoring Program is growing and will continue to provide the most comprehensive age services know-how for Mentees and understanding for Mentors.”

Samantha Bowen, LASA’s Principal Advisor to the Mentoring Program, said: “With age services beginning a transformation this year – and the Aged Care Royal Commission’s final report imminent – mentoring of dedicated staff across all cohorts is vital.

“All participants completed the course and provided amazing feedback. Despite the COVID-19 challenges, we stipulated five mentoring meetings during the program and, on average, each individual ended up holding eight meetings.

“This highlights that we were able to make great matches, with comprehensive online resources and personal relationships that built thriving partnerships.

“Now we’re expanding our base and providing even more extensive mentoring options.”

Feedback from the LASA Mentoring Program

“I have really found value in being able to talk about things that are causing me stress and affecting my behaviour in the workplace. I feel so much calmer now and more in control that I did before starting to talk to my mentor.” – Liat Baddock, CEO Care Norfolk Inc and LASA Mentee

“I believe everyone should have various mentors throughout their life, but it is invaluable to have a mentor within the same sector you work within. The LASA Mentoring Program makes this process easy for you and provides you with clear steps along the way if you feel lost.”—Cherie Cheyne, CFO Tanunda Aged Care and LASA Mentee

“My Mentor helped confirm and instil confidence about myself and what I can achieve.” – Stacey Hudson, Customer Service Coordinator, BallyCara and LASA Mentee

“The Mentor I was partnered with was a great match in terms of knowledge and background. Before this program, I didn’t know what mentors can do for me. I’ve found having a mentor outside my organisation can help find your path as a leader.”- Hayley Parton, Clinical Services Manager Prestige Inhome Care and LASA Mentee

“As senior leaders in aged care we must be part of developing the next generation of leaders. Aged Care is an exciting place. We have talent and it’s our duty to grow and develop them to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow.”- Laurie Leigh, CEO RSL Lifecare and LASA Mentor

“Get the word out! This program meets my philosophy about positive ongoing education. The program itself is a great resource to encourage and support less experienced leaders. Also, there was opportunity to connect if there was a concern.” – Margaret Aldous OAM (previous CEO of Cooinda Aged Care) and LASA Mentor

“The program was structured with great templates and resources to start the partnerships off right. I have done mentoring through other programs but the way the LASA Mentoring Program has been set up was better from what I’ve experienced before. It really appealed to me – the structure was great.”– Jennifer Lawrence, CEO Brightwater Care Group and LASA Mentor

The new LASA Mentoring Program begins on 22 February 2021. Learn more at or contact 1300 111 636 or email

Results of the inaugural LASA Mentoring Program are here.