Employment Relations Advisory Service

LASA Membership entitles you to a host of employment relations advisory services – to help you maximise business performance and create a thriving workplace. With the Royal Commission’s focus on creating a competent workforce and effective workplace outcomes, LASA invites Members to access expert advice and support through our Employment Relations Advisory Service.

Advice is available over the phone (during business hours) and via email on a range of employment relations matters, including (but not limited to):

  • day-to-day human resource matters
  • interpretation of legislation and industrial instruments
  • guidance through complex employment relations cases, including disciplinary and performance management processes, serious misconduct investigations, mandatory reporting and concerns regarding national criminal history checks & professional registration
  • drafting and reviewing employment documentation, employment contracts, formal warnings, dismissal letters, workplace memos and union correspondence

When you need more comprehensive support, the team’s fee-for-service consultancy offerings include:

  • tribunal representation
  • on-site HR consultancy
  • wage reviews
  • enterprise bargaining

For more detailed information, please download our brochures on services you can access with your LASA Membership and Member consultancy services.

We keep it confidential

When you call or email our team, your request is treated with confidentiality and respect. You will be in contact with one of our experienced ER specialists, who can answer your questions and advise on the best approach for your needs.

We achieved the best possible result possible due to the ongoing effort, advice and collaboration from the LASA ER team. Their ‘steady hands’ in some difficult circumstances has been appreciated by my staff. We would not hesitate to recommend them to any provider. 

Tiffany Boys

CEO, Columbia Aged Care Services

If you join LASA for nothing else, the ER team is a reason to join!

Rhett McLennan

CEO, Prom Country

The LASA ER team were outstanding in their knowledge, support, communication and open articulation of the entire process. There was never a moment where they did not assist me with any phone calls, emails or multiple questions I had for them. 

Facility Manager

Single Site, For Profit Provider