Members’ Charter

The LASA Members’ Charter describes the rights and responsibilities of, and between, LASA and its Members. The Charter outlines a shared vision for age services in Australia, and establishes a set of guiding principles for LASA and its Members to aspire to, and a statement of commitment for LASA Members to abide by, laying an explicit foundation for organisations whose shared focus is to realise high standards of quality and service.

Processes for the administration and governance of the Membership Charter have been endorsed by the LASA Board and are summarised in our Members’ Charter Flow Chart. These processes outline the criteria against which any complaint about adherence to the Charter will be assessed and investigated.

Concerns the Charter is not being upheld?

If you have concerns that the Charter is not being upheld by LASA or one of our Members you can raise a complaint in writing  Please provide specific details of the incident or conduct which gave rise to the complaint, including any relevant names with specific reference to how this incident or conduct fails to adhere to the Charter. Wherever possible, this should also address the specific area of the Charter which is alleged to have been breached. The focus of the complaint (i.e. whether about a Member or LASA) should be noted. The complaint can be made in writing by email or correspondence, or via the LASA Complaint Form and should be directed to:

The Complaints Officer (marked private and confidential)
Leading Age Services Australia Ltd
By post: First Floor, Andrew Arcade
42 Giles Street
By email:

If the concern is about the Chief Executive Officer please forward directly to LASA’s Chairman via email to

The Charter process is supported by a panel of LASA Members:

Doreen Power

CEO, Lyndoch Living

Tony O’Hare

Chairman, CS Group

Michelle Jenkins

CEO, Community Vision

Jason Howie

CEO, KinCare

Principles and Intentions of the Charter

1. Consumer-informed and community shared valuesConsumers must be central to care decisions and outcomes
2. Ageing well and integrated models of careFocus on consumers’ quality of life and holistic models of care
3. Governance leadershipStrong governance underpins performance, mitigates risk
and leads culture
4. Best practice sharingSharing lessons learnt and better practices supports continuous
5. Workforce developmentBetter skilled and qualified staff deliver better consumer outcomes
6. Workforce planningHolistic and innovative care practices and outcomes require
improved workforce planning
7. Open disclosure and continuous improvementHigh performance is built on information, transparency and
a culture of continuous improvement

Responsibilities and Rights of LASA Members 

1. Strive for high standards and continuous improvement in all
areas of your operations, including commitment to and support
of the Charter of Aged Care Rights.
1. Be treated with respect in all dealings with LASA.
2. Commit to and support LASA’s vision and Guiding Principles for
our industry and translate this intent into actions and outcomes.
2. Be kept informed with industry news and information relevant
to your organisation.
3. Support LASA through active engagement, participation and
contribution to LASA activities and initiatives.
3. Be provided with opportunities and channels to have your say
on issues of importance to your organisation.
4. Treat LASA staff with respect in all engagements and circumstances.4. Be able to access LASA’s expertise, advice, support and services
as appropriate.
5. Advise LASA in the event of regulatory sanctions and seek advice
or assistance (if required).
5. Nominate a representative to serve on committees established
by the Directors and/or Advisory (or other) groups established
by the Executive.
6. Play an active part in contributing to improving the reputation
of age services in Australia.
6. Vote at general meetings of LASA.
7. Exercise your rights and uphold your responsibilities as per
this Charter.
7. Access any other service or privilege of LASA Membership
as determined by the Directors/Executive.