LASA Webinar 19/12/18: Royal Commission into Age Care Quality & Safety

What to expect, how to prepare for the year ahead, and how to manage it successfully   

With the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety about to get into full swing, LASA partnered with PwC Australia to provide this webinar.

The Royal Commission will require considerable effort, in addition to ongoing operational pressures.  PwC has supported clients in Financial Services throughout 2018 with their response to the Banking Royal Commission.

The webinar will address:

  • What key lessons can be learned for the Aged Care sector?
  • What actions can Aged Care organisations take now to prepare for the year ahead?

As was the case in the Banking Royal Commission, the Aged Care Royal Commissioners have asked a number of specific questions around instances of misconduct or abuse over the past five years. Responding to these questions and requests can be extremely hard to manage while maintaining business as usual – and even more so given the short time frames.

In addition, the webinar will explore broader considerations when developing an organisational-wide response to the Royal Commission:

  • Managing relationships with residents, carers, families and the local community
  • Employee engagement and communications
  • Brand and reputational impacts, including media relations
  • Board oversight and governance
  • Operational considerations

Presented by PwC and facilitated by LASA CEO Sean Rooney, this insightful one hour session will help you to prepare for the Royal Commission.