LASA Next Gen

LASA Next Gen is a national program aimed at building the capacity of our next generation leaders to shape, innovate and lead our sector into the future. The Next Gen community includes organisations and individuals from across Australia (LASA Members and non-Members) who are passionate about the future of aged care.

They are led by a group of LASA Next Gen Ambassadors – young professionals from a wide range of clinical and non-clinical roles, who see the opportunities around them and are helping to ensure that careers in aged care are seen as dynamic, innovative and life-changing.

Our Ambassadors are care workers, nurses, allied health assistants, chefs, managers, architects, lawyers, entrepreneurs, business owners – and more. To learn more about these young age services professionals, check out the Next Gen Ambassador blog or email

LASA Next Gen supports school leavers, university students, graduates and people transitioning from other industries to see the vast career opportunities in age services. You are welcome to join our community and attend any of our events or programs.

NextGen events are created by young leaders for young leaders, to cover the issues that matter to you. In 2022, our regular BeNext sessions are an excellent opportunity for young professionals to connect and network with peers.

Our network of Community Partners are organisations committed to ensuring we have a strong, resilient workforce. Are you ready to join us? Discover how you can become a Community Partner – email


Community Partners: