LASA Next Gen

Proud Community Partner of LASA Next Gen

​LASA Next Gen is a national initiative designed to attract the best and brightest young leaders and professionals to steer the age services industry through a period of unprecedented growth and change and into the future. It is designed to promote the changing face of aged care and profile our industry to young professionals as dynamic, innovative and life-changing.

Engaging our Next Generation talent

Next Gen will focus on building a strong network of leaders for the age services sector, ensuring all ages are engaged in aged care discussions and have the skills to shape and lead the sector and create the types of dynamic and innovative workplaces we want.

It’s all about recognising and disrupting our workforce challenges by building the capacity of our Next Gen leaders to see the opportunities around us, develop new ideas, and execute change.

Key projects will include:

  • developing an emerging leader’s strategy
  • a young leader’s national network
  • a mentoring program
  • promoting best practice in leadership development

Led by Principal Advisor Next Gen, Samantha Bowen, our team has strong experience in building programs and events for young leaders in age services.

As young leaders ourselves we’ve experienced many of the same challenges our industry’s young professional are facing. This passion for supporting and co-creating with Generation Y and Z is in our DNA.

How can individuals get involved?

Stay up to date on our work! Join the Next Gen Newsletter for news and events, meet our partners, learn about the latest Next Gen trends and celebrate key milestones with us. We’d love to have you join our tribe – just click here and fill out the online form.

How can your organisation be involved?

We’re here to support all aged care organisations to better connect with our Next Gen talent. Be it highlighting your current superstars, building solutions to the challenges we all experience in connecting different generations, or helping us share the work you are doing in intergenerational connection. Reach out and let’s chat about how Next Gen can benefit you and your organisation:



Who is a Next Gen Leader?

All individuals under 40 who are (or aspire to be) in leadership roles within or supporting the age services industry. We’re in clinical (care workers, nurses, allied health) and non-clinical professions (IT, chefs, cleaners, managers, architects, lawyers) plus entrepreneurs/business owners – and more.

Why under 40?

In Australia, Generation Y (or Millennials) will make up 45% of the entire working population by 2020. The aged care industry does not have a targeted, national approach to ensuring our current and future workforce of under 40s are attracted, recruited, retained, and inspired to enter into ageing careers. This is evident in our workforce statistics showing that under 35s make up less than 25% of our clinical and allied health workforce AND the average age of these workers is 47.7 years of age – 10 years higher than the current Australian workforce average.

What are ‘leadership roles’?

Leadership is the action of leading others to achieve and succeed. We don’t have to be identified by our organisations to have these ‘leadership roles’ through job titles, but we know others see us as being change-makers, project supporters, and advocates to do more. We don’t accept the status quo and we are keen to connect with thinkers and doers who feel the same.

I’m keen to be involved in Next Gen … but I’m over 40

While our initiatives are focused on those under 40, we want to hear from you. Some of our initiatives are not age exclusive, plus your expertise and experience can help in Mentoring, sharing our programs, and being involved in our co-design processes. Reach out and let’s have a chat: