Become a Mentor

Are you ready to …

  • Help an emerging manager to become a better leader
  • Share your insights to accelerate their impact
  • Build your leadership legacy

Now is the time to join us as a LASA Mentor!

Today you can inspire confidence and ignite the potential of our industry’s emerging leaders and managers.

Share your experiences.
Accelerate the career of an emerging manager.
Build your skills and learn more about the challenges and opportunities experienced by emerging age service leaders and managers across Australia.

The LASA Mentoring Program is a five-month online program and facilitates mentoring partnerships across Australia, allowing you to support tomorrows leaders, engage emerging talent, and support our industry’s leadership pipeline.

Download the LASA Mentoring Brochure here

All you need is one hour a month!

One in four workers are looking to leave their age service career in the next five years.* Our industry is changing rapidly but the passion we have for it’s future hasn’t been diminished. The LASA Mentoring Program gives us all a platform to unite in developing and nurturing a pipeline of talent that’s committed to a better ageing future.

You have the opportunity to help them see they are part of our industry’s solutions, ensure their voices are heard, increase their skills and empower us all to be part of a future in which we can all age well. Now is the time ensure our future leaders have the skills, resources and confidence they need to succeed.

Are you ready to support the age services leaders of the future?

This program is carefully designed to support collaboration, connection, and build strong mentoring partnerships.

As a LASA Mentor, you will be sharing your insights and experiences with our industry’s current and emerging leaders and managers. Helping to improve their ability to lead teams, projects, and build better relationships with their senior managers.
We do not focus on clinical skills. We are here to enable better management and leadership practice across Australia. All with your help!

Am I eligible?

Mentors must have:

  • Experience in senior leadership and management role
  • Willing to commit 1 hour a month over 5 months to supporting their Mentee
  • Are employed or consulting in the age services industry (they understand the unique problems Mentees face)
  • Experience in mentoring partnerships

I’m keen, what do I do next?

Fill out our application form right now and let’s get you matched to an amazing Mentee!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LASA Mentoring Program?

This is an interactive way of learning through a five-month mentoring partnership and online learning program, allowing our industry’s talented managers and emerging leaders to determine their own Mentor path and find the resources they need to succeed. Participants can be from anywhere in Australia (interstate, urban, rural, remote) as our program is fully online.

So many of our industry’s up-and-coming leaders face barriers and don’t know how to find Mentoring supports. Imagine being able to access real advice from industry leaders to support each of us in their professional and leadership development. The LASA Mentoring Program focuses on management and leadership development of our emerging leaders and managers in the age services industry. It’s all carefully designed to support collaboration, connection, and create deeper partnerships, while also understanding the unique challenges and opportunities age services faces.

Usually mentoring programs focus on connecting those within an organisation, and once matched there is little training to support the Mentee to drive the partnership. This can result in the Mentee not understanding how to execute on agreed milestones, feeling overwhelmed, and creating uncertainty on how they can be make use of their busy Mentor’s time.

The LASA Mentoring Program ensures both Mentor and Mentee are meeting program milestones and getting the support they need to make this important partnership a success. This includes:

  • Accessible Mentoring Coaching,
  • Online and interactive resources on mentoring and leadership, and
  • Regular engagement with our program facilitator

When does the LASA Mentoring Program start?
The LASA Mentoring Program runs twice a year. The next program begins July 2020. Applications are open. Reach out today to learn more via or call 1300 111 636.

How many places are there?
We are dedicated to creating a carefully curated resource and a great cohort of mentors/mentees, so our intake is limited to ensure everyone receives dedicated support throughout your time in this program. Get in touch right now to ensure you don’t miss out!

Who can join this program?
Anyone with a passion for age services careers is invited to submit an application to be a Mentor.

LASA Mentors are partners, executives, general managers, CEOs, who have a strong history of good leadership and management practices, and have a passion to enable our emerging leaders and managers have the skills they need to succeed.

  • They have experience in senior leadership and management roles
  • Willing to commit 1 hour a month over 5-months to support their Mentee
  • Are employed or consulting in the age services industry (they understand the unique problems Mentees face)
  • Experience in mentoring partnerships

Is my fee refundable?
There is no fee for mentors, as they are graciously volunteering their time and sharing their experiences.
For mentees there is a fee to enrol. Payment is due before commencing BUT if they don’t get matched with a mentor the fee is 100% refundable. (Please refer to our Terms & Conditions prior to enrolling.)

How do you make these the matches between Mentor and Mentee?
There is a secret formula that is used to make our matches a success. The primary ingredient is ensuring the goal of the Mentee is matched to the experience of the Mentor.
That is why we have a robust Mentor Questionnaire to ensure you are matched with a Mentee who’s goal aligns to your skills and experiences

My employer has a mentoring program already. How will this be different?
Our program will match your talent with a Mentor/Mentee who is outside of your organisation. Increasing industry connections, widening knowledge of different ways of tackling issues, and supporting professional goals that align to the development of leadership and management skills. PLUS our program resources walk all Mentees through mentoring best practice AND support them to find Mentors after this program ends.

Yes, internal programs are fantastic, and we encourage you to explore these, however we also know that cross-organisational support is a way that will further support your people to become the leader they want to be.

I work in a mental health/primary care/other healthcare workplace. Can I still apply?
At present our program is focusing on age services professionals. If your primary client is an older Australian you are encouraged to join this program! We welcome all applicants from a range of healthcare disciplines, as we know we are all involved in the age services sector in a variety of ways. Please note, we prioritise applicants who are employed by age services providers (home care, residential care and retirement living).

Who can I contact for more info?
If you have any questions, drop us an email –


* United Voice & Health Services Union. (14 Oct 2019). Excessive workloads, chronic understaffing, workers planning to quit sector; Largest ever workforce survey released today. Retrieved 15 October 2019, from